Acupuncture is a therapy which dates back centuries. The horse is seen in a holistic way and diseases are seen as disturbances to the body’s energy flow. To be able to understand the uniqueness of your horse and respond to it in an individual way, I dedicate a considerable amount of time to the examination. In this context, your horse’s constitution and current energy situation are just as important as possible symptoms or complaints. In this way, I can gain an overall picture, resulting in the selection of acupuncture points. Using needles or moxibustion and lasers, I then stimulate the selected points during the acupuncture treatment. The therapy has an effect at the holistic level via the patient’s nervous system and aura.

Impressive results can also be achieved when using acupuncture in the treatment of chronic diseases such as chronic bronchitis in horses. I was able to prove this scientifically in my thesis. In this context, the treatment of interference fields often plays a significant role.

Areas where acupuncture is used range from health care to acute and chronic diseases, rehabilitation, behavioural problems and improved rideability.

I would be very happy to advise you personally in the context of your individual enquiries.

Whether for maintaining good health, in the event of acute or chronic diseases, rehabilitation, behavioural problems or for improved rideability and performance: the individual placing of the acupuncture needles is carried out successfully S