Laser Therapy

Laser acupuncture is a synthesis of two therapies, each of which are very effective individually: it combines acupuncture with low level laser therapy, abbreviated as LLLT, which is the local laser treatment of diseased tissue. Therefore, laser acupuncture is far more than just the treatment of acupuncture points with laser light instead of needles.

The advantages of laser therapy: acupuncture points can be “stimulated” without causing pain and without any touching involved and, in addition to this, the healing effect of the laser light is used.
How does the laser light work? Its therapeutic effect is based on a physical speciality, so-called coherence. The laser light involves a synchronously swinging light ray of the same wavelength, which can permeate the tissue well due to its directionality. As light pulses, they may be used directly for energy generation inside the cells and can therefore, for example, assist wound healing or the formation of collagen fibres in tendon injuries in a sustainable way.

I user laser therapy in my practice for
• Acute injuries
• Tension
• Wound healing disorders
• Interference field treatment

Ideal for acute injuries, tension and wound healing disorders or for interference field treatment: using laser therapy, acupuncture points can be stimulated without causing pain and without the need for contact. The light pulses assist wound healing and the formation of collagen fibres in tendon injuries.